For the first text of our two week segment on World War II alternative history, we examine Machine Games and Bethesda’s 2014 first person shooter Wolfenstein: the New Order. Before that, we discuss all the media we’ve encountered over the past few weeks; this comprehensive list includes Everybody’s Golf, a pro wrestling documentary, a plethora of Japanese manga, and the end of the Twin Peaks revival.

During the Wolfenstein segment, we first outline Machine Games’s output of games, and then we analyze a number of facets in the game, ranging from the ecological ramifications of fascism to BJ Blazkowich’s soliloquies to the game’s parody of its own genre. This conversation then leads us to asides on historiographies and literary canon placement of ideologies that might be uncomfortable to modern sensibilities.

As a reminder, the next episode of AGP will be available on the 26th!

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Bethesda’s Official Wolfenstein Page

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