Hey listeners, Justin here,

We’re regrettably a week behind schedule due to personal issues. In response, we will be modifying our release schedule a bit for this month only by removing two programs from this month’s theme, “Alternative History”, in order catch up and also give us a bit of a production queue so we’ll have more release flexibility and consistency in the future. Editing takes A LOT of time and effort, more than we initially anticipated. In order to get the podcast to sound like a quality production, since it is becoming too much work in a short amount of time, we need to throttle a week of our release schedule. This will also allow Jeff and myself a week to reschedule recording sessions in case something comes up beyond the podcast and we can’t record the scheduled night while being able to still release things on time.

This month’s theme will be a short lived one with only two episodes published but we’ll still be covering Wolfenstein the New Order ; that episode should be out in the next 2-3 days from now. We’ll also still be releasing an episode on Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. That episode will be available on the 26th. After that we’ll be moving into our next theme and hope everyone sticks around to listen to it as it should be a pretty fun month and no further delays should happen in regards to our release schedule.

We understand that we announced Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and Inglorious Bastards for this month, but after evaluating the two text’s strengths and considering what work we already have done we feel it would be best to stick with the other two. If anyone out there had their hearts set on those two we deeply apologize and may revisit them in the future if we decide to expand upon this theme at a later date.

Thank for you very much for your patience and understanding my gaming colleagues,