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‘Just Remember that the Things You Put into your Head are There Forever’

I wrote this analysis  in response to a call for papers from the Cormac McCarthy society on The Road’s influence in Popular Culture; the paper is forthcoming in a book of scholarly essays called Carrying the Fire: The Road and the Apocalyptic Tradition. When I played The Last of Us for the first time in 2013, I was immediately forging connections between McCarthy’s novel and the game. While I wasn’t the first to notice the parallel in the narrative (Colin Moriarty first pointed out the similarity on IGN, and the game’s creators have answered several questions about how McCarthy impacted their work,) my project does closely analyze the thematic and structural similarities in both texts. In future projects, I will be eager to explore further literary parallels in other games with serious narratives.

 – Jeff

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AGP Episode 4- Wolfenstein: The New Order

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September AGP Update

Hey listeners, Justin here,

We’re regrettably a week behind schedule due to personal issues. In response, Continue reading

AGP Episode 3- The Walking Dead

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